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How to find a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan using the Medicare.gov website

To get the lowest possible price on your prescription drugs you must check your Medicare Part D Plan each year during open enrollment.

A few common reasons the prices on your prescription drugs can change each year are:

  • Medicare part D plans can change the prices they charge for specific drugs each year
  • The classification or tier of prescription drugs can change
  • Drugs can become generic and less expensive alternatives can become available


Part D plans are on a yearly contract they begin each year on January 1st and end a year later on December 31st.  The Florida open enrollment period for Medicare part D starts October 15 and ends November 7; this is the time you must choose your part D program for the following year. 

How do you check and see what Medicare part D plan will be of the best value for you?  The answer is you must go to the Medicare.gov website, enter your information, and see which plan will be the best for you. 

Step by step tutorial on how to use the Medicare.gov website to find a Medicare Part D plan:

Step 1

Go to https://www.medicare.gov/find-a-plan/
Enter your  Zip Code and click the Find Plans button
Part D step 1


Step 2

Select your type of Medicare coverage, in this example we have chosen Original Medicare.  Then select if you get any extra help or Medicaid, in this example we have chosen no extra help.  Then click Continue to Plan results
Step 2

Step 3

Enter the names of the prescription drugs that you currently take.  In this example we have added:

  • Losartan Potassium 50mg
  • Simvastatin tab 20mg
  • Timoptic-XE SOL 0.5%  5ml

step 3

Step 4

Insure your drug list is correct and click My Drug List is Complete
step 4


Step 5

Select the Pharmacy that you use.  We have chosen CVS and Publix.  Then click Continue to Plan Results
step 5

Step 6

Then Select Prescription Drug Plans, the top choice and click Continue to Plan Results
step 6


Step 7

On the next page you will see the results.  Down the page will be a heading Prescription Drug Plans and below that you can see where the results are sorted by: Lowest Estimated Annual Retail Drug Cost.  The top choice will be the least expensive choice for your Medicare Part D.  In this case it is Humana Enhanced  
step 7

Step 8

Click on the name Humana Enhanced to get details about the plan and a contact phone number.  If you look further down on the page you will see the other prescription drug plans that are more expensive.
step 8

Step 9

On this page you will find the contact number for Humana Enhanced and the estimated drug cost at your pharmacy or by mail order. You should also double check all the information to insure you have entered in the correct drugs.  Call the number for non-members and they will enroll you.  That is it.  On January 1st you will be enrolled in the Humana Enhanced prescription drug plan

step 9

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