Insurance for Seniors

Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance

Medicare health insurance also called supplemental insurance is perhaps the best part of turning 65, especally now that social security benefits are starting, for some, at age 66. Medicare Supplemental Insurance provides health insurance for Medicare recipients.

Medicare Part C Advantage Plans

Advantage Plans are a priviate insurance option to recieve your Medicare Part A and B benefits. Some Fort Myers Medicare Advantage Plans include prescription drug coverage and most have a lower monthly premium than a Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy.

Final Expense Insurance

Final expense insurance is simple issue form of Senior Life Insurance, and benefits range from $3,000 to $50,000 and is most commonly used to assist ones heirs with the Funeral and Burial Expenses associated with ones death.

The typical cost of a funeral is $8,000 - $12,000 , this is a typical funeral. If you only want the bare minimum it is $3,000 for basic service and cremation. A top of the line funeral service will cost about $13,000. In the difficult time that surrounds the passing of a family member Funeral and Burial Insurance can financially assist the relatives of the diseased and keep them from undue financial hardship.

Funeral and Burial Insurance is usually purchased late in life and is designed with very little underwriting (or health questions). Currently we offer insurance to individuals up to age 95. Final expense insurance is for "when" a person passes away instead of " if ". It is an essential part of planning for seniors and should not be overlooked.

Cancer or Critical Illness Insurance

Preparing for the future is a key concept in the purchase of insurance. When a person has a family history of Cancer or other type of critical illness it is prudent to prepare for this type of event. That is why Cancer Insurance was created.

  • • Cancer insurance coverage is available for individuals and families up to age 69
  • • Only the health of the applicant is considered – Heredity is not an issue
  • • No physical exam is necessary to qualify  - only health questions
  • • Choice of cash benefit amounts from $10,000 to $50,000 – all benefits are paid out in a lump sum
  • • Premiums will not increase with age – they will only increase on a class basis by state
  • • Guaranteed renewable coverage until the one-time cash benefit is paid out


Questons and Answers:

  • Do I have to be hospitalized or receive treatment to get my benefit?

No, no hospitalization or cancer treatment is required

  • Cancer runs in my family, does this make me ineligible for cancer insurance?

No, Your health is the only factor in determining your eligibility for cancer insurance

  • What if my cancer treatment only costs a few hundred dollars?

It doesn’t matter, the money is yours to keep and do what you wish with.

  • Do I have to file claims to receive payment for the cancer policy?

You must file only one claim, at the same time you file for full cash payment.  When you are first diagnosed with internal cancer send in satisfactory pathological written proof of the diagnosis and the claim will then be processed.

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