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Medicare Part D - Prescription Drug Coverage

Medicare Part D plans are insurance plans that assist with coverage for prescription drugs that are not covered under other plans.  Coverage for prescription drugs are not covered under the traditional Medicare Part A plans and in order to obtain coverage for your prescription drugs you need to attain a standalone Medicare Part D plan with an insurance company or invest in a Fort Myers Medicare Advantage plan, which covers the same as a Medicare Part A, B, and D combined.  Keep in mind that not all Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage.  Most Medicare Advantage plans will not allow you to be enrolled in an additional Medicare Part D plan, while you are enrolled in the Advantage plan.  Therefore, it is very important that you examine your options because if you are enrolled in an Advantage plan and then you enroll in an additional Part D plan, your Advantage plan will be voided.

Premiums for a Medicare Part D plan can range from several dollars up to a $100 a month.  Medicare Advantage plans that include coverage for prescription drugs do not cost an additional premium for the month.  When choosing the plan for you, it is important to understand what is covered.  Be aware of the potential prescriptions you might encounter and when choosing your plan investigates which of your prescriptions will be covered at no additional cost to you.  In addition, some Medicare Part D plans will require you to pay 100% of your deductible up front before the plan will cover any of your prescription medications.  However, some plans will have no deductible or a very low deductible and will probably be accompanied by a higher premium payment.  It is also important to be aware that the premiums can and probably will change over the years. 

Medicare Part D plans do vary from company to company and the list of drugs they cover will vary.  Ensure that you explore the list of medications when you are deciding on a plan to invest in.  There will also probably be co-payments for most medications with most Medicare Part D plans.  So when you are comparing Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Part D plans it is important to investigate the premiums, deductible, and drug co-payments.  Also ensure that the plan you are deciding on covers the types of medications you will be taking.  Some states offer programs to assist with the cost of prescription drugs and Medicare part D plans.  There are also federal programs that assist with prescription drugs for some individuals and the following is a link to help you with any questions you might have about choosing your plan:  https://www.medicare.gov/find-a-plan/

How to use the Medicare.gov website to find a Part D - prescription drug plan:

1. Enter your zip code

2. Select your Medicare coverage.

3. Enter names of prescription drugs you currently take.

4. Select your Pharmacies

5. Choose the cheapest and best Medicare part D - prescription drug plan

6. Call the number for non-members or sign up online.

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