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Medicare Insurance Products in Austin, Texas

The city of Austin Texas is known for its live music and eclectic inhabitants.  This can be the perfect retirement area for the eternally young Medicare recipient.  The average age in the city of Austin is between 25 and 44, although this does not make it a poor retirement choice.  When choosing a retirement area the Medicare insurance options should be considered.  Austin, TX Medicare Supplemental insurance is priced right at the average for the state of Texas.  There are 33 Medicare Advantage plans in Austin and nearly the same amount of Medicare part D prescription drug plans. 

Austin, TX Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare Supplement Insurance is an insurance policy that is purchased in addition to Medicare part A and B to cover the deductibles and copays that are left over by Medicare alone.  When choosing an Austin, Texas Medicare Supplement policy the most important factors to consider are: is the policy issued age or attained age, the price of the policy, and can the policy be transferred out of the state if you were to move.  Texas Medicare Supplement policies have benefits that are standardized by the government; the means that a Medicare Supplement plan F, plan N, or M offered at each insurance company have the exact same benefits.  This leaves the deciding factors upon which insurance policy to choose up to the price paid for the policy, now and in the future.  a insurance company specializes in senior insurance products and provides its clients with issue age policies and has excellent rates on the High Deductible Plan F. (This is a Medicare Supplement Plan F with a $2070 yearly deductible, a great choice for healthy individuals turning 65)
Some of the top rated Medicare Supplement providers in Austin, TX are:

  • another insurance company Life Insurance Company
  • Heartland National Life Insurance Company
  • Old Surety Life Insurance Company
  • Physicians Mutual Insurance Company
  • a insurance company
  • United HealthCare Insurance Company


Medicare Advantage Plan in Austin, Texas

In Austin, Texas Medicare Part C Advantage plans are the second most popular option for Medicare insurance.  Medicare Advantage plans are a private insurance option to receive you Medicare part A and B benefits.  They are almost always having a less expensive monthly premium than Medicare A and B with a Supplement policy.  The fact that you can save money with a Medicare Advantage plan in Austin is the premier reason to choose an Advantage policy over a Supplement.  Before you go ahead and choose a Medicare Advantage plan there are some important points pertaining to their coverage that should be taken into account they are:

  • Medicare Advantage has network doctors and hospitals
  • There can be red tape or simply not allow  certain types of treatment available to Medicare A and B recipients
  • Medicare Advantage plans usually include Medicare Part D


Medicare Part D - prescription drug plan in Austin

Every person who has Medicare insurance must have prescription drug coverage or there will be a penalty assessed for late enrollment.  This can be a disadvantage in the rare case where you do not take any prescription drugs, in this case you benefit from obtaining the Medicare part D program with the lowest monthly premium.  In Austin, Texas the Medicare Part D with the lowest monthly premium currently is Humana Wal-Mart-Preferred Rx Plan with a monthly premium of $15.10. 
Most seniors take prescription drugs and need a Medicare part D plan to make those drugs affordable.  The Part D plans in Austin, TX will change each year and it is important to reevaluate your part D provider each year during open enrollment period.   On this website we have made a step by step tutorial on how to find and enroll in a part D plan using the website. Medicare Part D Open Enrollment period is each year from October 15 thru December 7. 

**The information on this website is intended for informational purposes only and may change at any time.   Medicare Supplement Advisor and V. Reed Speas himself are not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. government or the federal Medicare program.